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Ünüvar dreams about debut in the first team: "There's always a bit of hope" - All about Ajax

Ünüvar dreams about debut in the first team: “There’s always a bit of hope”

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Naci Ünüvar has had an amazing night. He scored his first goal in professional football during his second game for Jong Ajax (2-0 victory over TOP Oss). He wants to keep working hard to ensure a debut in the first team of Ajax.

“Last week we (Ajax u19) had a holiday but I was told that I had to train with Jong Ajax for one more week,” Ünüvar tells FOX Sports after Friday’s game. “I already hoped to make some minutes in today’s match and during the break the manager told me to warm up, that’s amazing.”

Ünüvar scored the 2-0 and decided the match. It’s already the 22nd match the 16-year-old talent has played this season. “It’s been tough. I played a lot of games and also played the World Cup in between, which made it really hard. Now I have a holiday: I’m going to rest a lot.”

His minutes in the second team of Ajax leaves him wanting more. “I expect to deliver quality every match and try to help the team. I just train super hard now, I always give one hundred percent”, said Ünüvar, who acknowledged that he sometimes thinks about a debut in the first team. “There’s always a bit of hope, isn’t there?”

Only 16 years old and already playing for Jong Ajax, Ünüvar is usually named Ajax’ biggest talent. How does he make sure he stays with both feet on the ground? “My father helps me, he tells me that I should focus on football and do what I’m supposed to do, he helps me keep that focus on football.”

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