Promes: “The best is yet to come”

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Quincy Promes has a lot of confidence in the current Ajax team. The Ajax forward thinks that the current team is once again good enough to be one of the surprises in the Champions League. Although he admits it won’t be easy, he does think that it’s possible to survive the Champions League group stage. “The team saw some great players leaving the club this summer but I think we had some good signings as well. I think we have a great squad which might be even better than last year’s team. It’s up to us to prove that.”

In this year’s summer, Promes returned to Ajax after playing there in the youth academy 11 years ago. He felt that most Ajax-fans were happy with his return although he also noticed that some people had doubts: “I think most fans were happy that a real Amsterdammer returned to the club. They know I grew up in Amsterdam, played here in the youth and that I’m a fan of the club as well. There might have been some doubts at some of the fans which I can completely understand but it’s up to me to convince those fans that I can be an important player” said Promes in an interview with “Meersche Helden”.

Promes wants to win a lot of prizes with Ajax. “I honestly think that I haven’t shown my best game yet, I’m confident that I can do better. I want to win prizes with Ajax and after that, I might make the next step to a club abroad but time will tell how things will work out.” The creative player is already making plans for his life after football: “I’m only 27 but I’m already thinking about what to do after my football career. I’ve invested in houses and I recently started my own clothing brand. It’s called MASK and it’s a casual brand which is affordable for everybody.” 

Promes joined Ajax this summer and so far he played 15 games this season. He scored 8 times and gave 2 assists. 

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