Neres: ‘The game against Feyenoord boosted my confidence’

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David Neres says that his place in the starting eleven against Feyenoord, and the good game he played in ‘De Klassieker’ was a huge confidence boost. The Brazilian winger didn’t play as much as he would like to during the last couple of weeks. The last game he started was against FC Groningen just under a month ago.

 Speaking to Ajax TV Neres speaks about a good game. ‘It gave me a lot of confidence. I hope to play more good games to boost my confidence even more and get back in the first eleven. Being on the bench and not being given the chance to play is difficult for every player. So it was for me. I kept training hard and didn’t panic.’

  After the game against Feyenoord, Ajax-coach Erik ten Hag gave Neres a huge compliment for the way he played. David Neres is very happy with that: ‘During the week Ten Hag told me I deserved the opportunity cause I was training so well. That gave me the trust to prove him right.’ Neres doesn’t see harm in the increase of competition for his position: ‘You have to keep giving everything and help the team. There is a lot of competition for the starting eleven, in a good way. When you are not chosen, you have to stay focused and give it all to fight for your chance.’

 National team
More good news for David Neres last week, as he got an invitation for the Brazilian national team. Needless to say, Neres is very happy with that: ‘From now on I need to show every game that I deserve to play.’ Neres goes on and says he has still a lot to learn from his teammates at the ‘Seleção’: ‘There is a huge spirit in the squad and willingness to win every game. If I see them play, I try to watch very attentively. I want to play just as good as them so that I can be at the same level.’

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