Collective agreement reached on pay cuts Eredivisie

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The employer’s organisation FBO, the association of contract players (VVCS), and the association of coaches (CBV) have reached an agreement on emergency measures to help the industry through the corona crisis.

The pay cuts take place on the basis of a progressive scale, starting at 2.5 per cent for annual salaries of more than € 25,000 gross per year and increasing to a maximum of 20 per cent, whereby the parties have agreed to take government measures into account. Furthermore, any remaining vacation days over the 2019/2020 season will be waived and there is the possibility to transfer the holiday pay to June instead of May.

Chairman Evgeniy Levchenko of the players’ union VVCCS speaks of a reasonable compromise: ‘We have been consulting openly and constructively since the beginning of March. We have seen players in many countries face significant salary adjustments. Sometimes this was even determined unilaterally by their club or government. We managed to prevent that in the Netherlands,” says the former pro-player.

The main reason for the pay cuts will be empty stadiums, which will cost the clubs a lot of money. ‘The definitive inability to finish this season and the inability to play with an audience for at least six months leads to a reduction in income of some 300 million euros. With those figures, we came to this, in our eyes, reasonable compromise given the circumstances. When it comes to handing in part of the salary, the package consists of recommendations, in which we have assumed that the strongest shoulders will bear the heaviest burden’, Levchenko clarifies the agreement on the website of the VVCS.

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