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On the 27th of February Ajax faces Getafe for the 1/16th finals of the Europa League in Amsterdam. Here is the information you need if you want to buy tickets for this match!

WhoWhenHow many
Season Card Holders6 January 12:00 CEST1 ticket per card
Members Supporters Association10 January 12:00 CEST1 ticket per card
Club Card Holders11 January 12:00 CEST1 ticket per card

Season card holders will be able to purchase tickets from the 6th of January 12:00 CEST until the 8th of January. If they buy during this period they’ll also get a 10% discount. On the 10th of January members of the Supporters Association are able to buy tickets. Season card holders will also be able to buy 1 extra ticket from this date onwards, but with no discount.

If, and that’s very unlikely, the tickets haven’t sold out by that point club card holders will get a chance to buy tickets on the 11th of January. Don’t expect there to be any tickets left at this point, though. Normally the game will sell out before this group gets a chance to buy their tickets.

If you don’t have any of the aforementioned memberships/cards, there’s no chance you’ll be able to get a ticket, sadly. Ajax is very popular these days and especially matches in Europa get sold out within minutes.

Do not buy tickets via 3rd party resellers, they charge ridiculous prices and Ajax actively fights them. You run the risk of your ticket being voided, leaving you with no ticket and out of money. Buy your tickets via the official Ajax site.

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