KNVB & Dutch Sports Federation hope on exception to resume training

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The Dutch FA, the KNVB, and the Dutch Sports Federation, the NOC*NSF, have asked the Dutch minister of Medical Care & Sport for a phased restart of top sport in the Netherlands. They’ve sent both a letter and had a conversation with the minister, De Telegraaf writes.

The details of their plea aren’t completely certain but the two organisations do hope that training for professional sporters can resume soon. That would be a good first step towards leaner guidelines according to them: ‘We always follow safety protocols. In any case, we want to remain within the RIVM (Institute for public health) guidelines. There is no discussion about that. We want to show that enforcement is really possible. We are now discussing this with the government,’ director of NOC*NSF Maurits Hendriks stated in an interview with de Telegraaf.

‘However, we think that as top sporters we are well on the way to establishing a safe society with a distance of one and a half meters, or even more. All other sportsmen and sportswomen in the Netherlands will be able to benefit from this later on.’

The Dutch minister of medical care hasn’t given any concessions yet, naturally. Next Tuesday, April 21, the Dutch cabinet will share new information on the guidelines and policies in this crisis. A possible restart of training sessions might be discussed. We’ll keep you updated!

Stay home and stay safe!

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