ABN AMRO extends as main sponsor Ajax Women until 2023

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The coming 4 years ABN AMRO will remain on the jerseys of the Ajax women.

The bank whose headquarters are in Amsterdam is already the main sponsor of the women and youth teams of Ajax. In the past, they were also the biggest sponsor of the first team. All in all ABN AMRO has been sponsoring Ajax for more than 25 years.

In the coming seasons, Ajax and ABN AMRO will focus on strengthening all Ajax women’s teams. This includes the first women’s team, but also talent development in a youth school for girls. In the past year, for example, a talent team was formed and talent days for girls under 9, 11 and 13 were recently organised. Ajax, supported by ABN AMRO, will continue to expand these activities in the coming seasons. In addition, Ajax and ABN AMRO will work together to contribute to the development of girls’ football in amateur clubs.

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