Record for Onana: Non-European player with most games for Ajax

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Yesterday, Ajax-goalkeeper André Onana played his 160th* match for the Ajax first team which makes him the non-European player with the most games played for Ajax. With his game against Chelsea, he overtakes Uruguayan Luis Suarez who played 159 official games for Ajax.

Born in Nkol Ngok, Cameroon, Onana joined Barcelona in 2010, aged 13, after starting out at the Samuel Eto’o Foundation. In early January 2015, it was announced that he would join Dutch club Ajax in July 2015. Onana played 39 matches for Jong Ajax before he got the chance in the first squad. After the transfer of Ajax-goalie Jasper Cillessen to FC Barcelona, it was Onana who was picked as the new number 1 of Ajax. He made his debut on 20 August 2016 in a home game against Willem II.

Since then, Onana played 1 game for the Johan Cruijff Schaal, 5 games for the Dutch Cup, 44 European games and 110 games in the Eredivisie. In total, he kept his goal clean 69 times.

Last week, Onana said in an interview with that he is still really happy at Ajax: ‘Ajax is the club who picked me up when I was 18 and had trust in me to let me play when I was 19. I’m very grateful for their trust and I’m happy here. I hope that I can repay their trust on the field.’

Top 5 non-European players with most matches played for Ajax

1. André Onana (160)
2. Luis Suarez (159)
3. Wamberto (156)
4. Maxwell: (154)
5. Hatem Trabelsi (146)

* The 160 matches are based on the numbers from Transfermarkt. De Wikipedia page ‘Club van 100 (Ajax)’ states that he already played 161 matches for Ajax. Just to be sure we took the lowest number.


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