The three scenarios to finish this Eredivisie season

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KNVB-chairman Just Spee has explained the three scenarios the Dutch FA came up with to finish this season in an interview on NOS Studio Sport.

The first scenario is to just resume the competition as normal. With fans in the stadium. That would be after the 6th of April, at least. If that is not possible, the next scenario would be to play the rest of the games without fans. These two scenarios are preferred by the KNVB and the clubs, but no one knows how feasible they are: ‘In Italy, they say they can’t start earlier than October. If that’s also the case here, the season is finished’, Spee stated.

In that scenario, this Eredivisie season would stop altogether. According to De Telegraaf that would have quite a few consequences. No clubs would relegate from the Eredivisie and the first two clubs of the second division would promote. Which means that the ’20/’21 season would have 20 clubs instead of the usual 18. Harsher relegation rules in that season would mean that the next season will have 18 clubs in the Eredivisie again.

It’s uncertain if Ajax would be declared champions but they would receive the ticket to the group stage of the Champions League since all standings would be final for the allocation of European tickets.

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