Ajax and Feyenoord honor healthcare personnel in joint ads in Dutch newspapers

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Normally this weekend would have been the weekend of de Klassieker. Feyenoord versus Ajax, the most loaded derby of the Netherlands. Instead, they have taken out joint advertisements in Dutch newspapers thanking all the healthcare personnel.

The ad reads:
‘This weekend there’s no Klassieker.
This weekend we won’t be facing each other, but are we clapping together. We don’t clap for our players, but for all caregivers.
Brave warriors, we are deeply grateful and we wish you all the best.
Feyenoord and Ajax’

The clubs will also have a moving billboard driving around the country. This billboard will park in front of hospitals throughout Amsterdam and Rotterdam. Feyenoord spokesperson Raymond Salomon said the following: ‘I hope the message speaks for itself. As big clubs, who would meet this weekend for what many see as the game of the year, we want to say who deserves roaring applause these days. Think of it as a heartfelt thank you to all those people who are now, in hard times, working so hard for all of us. Even though we as clubs are great sporting rivals, we do this consciously together, united and above all with great appreciation.’

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